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Accessible Appin

For visitors requiring wheelchair access


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Many thanks to the Allen Family for researching this guide which was carried out with a family member in a 24” wide power wheelchair.  Many of the walks described around Appin are on the Caledonia Way - National Cycle Network Route 78 – referred to below as the cycle track.

Google Maps links to the start point of each walk are included - these open in a new browser tab/window.

In and around Appin

Appin - Jubilee Bridge

The Jubilee Bridge is accessible dependent on the size of the wheelchair. With a 24” wide power chair there were a couple of inches to spare on either side. Start from the Jubilee Bridge car park and follow the path to go over the bridge. The short slope to get up to the cycle track on the opposite side is a bit steep but can be done in a manual chair, depending on the person pushing. If it’s a bit too steep it’s still a lovely walk to cross the bridge and enjoy the views then back again.

Google maps link >

Lay-by near Linnhe Marine / opposite island of Shuna

Park at Linnhe Marine lay-by off the A828 and there are options to go left or right. Left will take you to Castle Stalker and beyond, right is a relatively short section along the side of Loch Linnhe before crossing the main road. You can cross and carry on but you lose the view and have to do a short section on a pavement alongside the busy main road.

Google maps link >

Appin - Cycle Track

Lots of lovely sections of the cycle track to explore. Park at the carpark opposite Appin Village Hall off the A828 and follow the small path that leads to the Cycle Track. Go either right or left.

Left from the car park will take you to Castle Stalker and beyond – you can stop off at The Old Inn.

Going right from the carpark will take you as far as you like to Creagan Inn which is about 2.5 miles making it a lovely walk to go for a coffee, drink or meal then walk back again. The track is completely flat with a tarmac surface in both directions although there is a very short, slightly bumpy path through the trees from the car park to the cycle track. If that’s going to be a struggle just park at the car park beside the Strath of Allan primary school and follow the same as above.

Google maps link to Appin Village Hall >

Glen Creran

Drive to the very end of Glen Creran and park in the Elleric car park. Take the first track which is the entrance to Glenure and follow the road through. All on flat tarmac, amazing views, always very quiet.

Google maps link to Elleric car park>

South from Appin (A828 towards Oban and beyond)

Sutherland’s Grove River Walk

There’s a short loop from the car park along the river side which is accessible. Flat forest floor and easily doable. Choice of two picnic benches by the river.

Google maps link to Sutherland's Grove >

Sutherland’s Grove to Barcaldine

From the car park go straight ahead over the bridge and alongside the walled caravan park. From there the flat, tarmac cycle track will take you as far as you want through Barcaldine to Benderloch and beyond. The route picks up a short section of the very quiet road in Barcaldine before re-joining the cycle track. It’s worth carrying on until the crossing point at the A828 main road as almost immediately across the road there’s a bench overlooking Loch Creran which is a lovely spot, before returning the same way.

Google maps link to Sutherland's Grove >

Tralee Beach, Benderloch

If you have a disability you’re able to drive along to the beach. Take a right turn just as you enter Benderloch at the primary school and follow the road along, looking for a road on the left that leads to the beach. You’ll have to get out to open two gates but you’ll then be able to park on the grass just above the beach. Nice spot for a picnic.

Google maps link to Tralee Beach >

Oban Airport to Benderloch

One of our favourite sections of the cycle track. Park at the airport (free) then walk back in the direction of Appin. Really lovely walk alongside the airport, through the Ledaig caravan park, by the sea. This route takes you to Ben Lora cafe for a cuppa before heading back. All completely flat and tarmac.

Google maps link to Oban Airport >


In Dunbeg, approaching Oban, follow the signs and park for Dunstaffnage Castle. Fairly short lovely walk to the castle.

Google maps link to Castle car park>

Oban - The Witches

Park at the Corran Halls and follow path out the back of the car park. Follow the path to Dunollie Castle with lovely views the whole way. From Dunollie Castle, return the same way but you can exit opposite the war memorial then follow the Esplanade into town and around the piers and harbour.

Google maps link to Corran Halls >

Oban – Pulpit Hill

Drive up to the Pulpit Hill viewpoint. Benches to sit and enjoy the views over the whole of Oban without the effort of a steep walk up!

Google maps link to Pulpit Hill >

Oban - Ganavan to Dunbeg

From the public carpark at Ganavan, there’s a short steep section at the start of the cycle path between Ganavan and Dunbeg but it can be done depending on the ability of the person pushing. After that, it’s a gently undulating tarmac path the whole way but just remember you’d have to come back down the steep section.

Google maps link to Ganavan >

Isle of Seil

Just south of Oban, cross the bridge over the Atlantic and drive to Ellenabeich. Lovely small village to have a wander around.

Google maps link to Ellanabeich car park >

North from Appin (A828 towards Ballachulish and beyond)

Highland Titles Nature Reserve

Ignore the main entrance and carpark to the Reserve from the A828 as it is inaccessible for wheelchairs. Instead park in Duror, beside the primary school. From there cross the road and follow the cycle track to your right, back in the direction of Appin. The whole track is tarmac and there’s a long, gentle zig zag which will lead you into the Reserve. Beautiful walk through the reserve and past the lochans on tarmac path. Once beyond the Wildcat Conservation Area there are steep slopes down so turning back here is recommended. Only small downside is that none of the benches/picnic tables alongside the lochans are accessible to get to.

Google maps link to Highland Titles >

Cuil Bay

You can drive to Cuil Bay to park. Alternatively, park in Duror at the Primary School and it’s a lovely walk along the quiet road to the bay.

Google maps link to Cuil Bay >

Duror Village Hall

Park at the Duror & Kentallen Village Hall and cross the road to the cycle path.

Turning left eventually leads uphill and over to Kentallen. The uphill section can be done, depending on the strength of the person pushing and it’s a lovely wander through the hills (all on tarmac) to a viewpoint and bench but far too steep to come down at the Kentallen end.

Turning right from the village hall takes you through the village and eventually towards the road for Cuil Bay. There is a short, slightly bumpy road section by some houses but still do-able.

Google maps link to Duror village hall car park >


Park at the Holly Tree Hotel and walk alongside the loch in the direction of Ballachulish. The Holly Tree is lovely for refreshments or food at either side of the walk. (There seems to be a pattern forming in our walks all involving pubs or cafes!)

Google maps link to Holly Tree car park >

Glencoe Lochan

Drive through Glencoe village, across the bridge and take turning on the left for Glencoe Lochan. From the car park, take the lower route to your left (the red trail) around the lochan. Lovely walk with plenty of benches and spots to stop.

Google maps link to Glencoe Lochan car park >

Glencoe Orbital

From Glencoe Lochan carpark or the overflow carpark just a bit further along the road, there is a lovely walk to the Clachaig Inn in Glencoe. There is a path which runs alongside the single track road but we found it easier just to walk along the road which is fairly quiet. Nice walk to the pub and back again.

Google maps link to Glencoe Lochan car park >

Corran Ferry

If you want to take the Corran Ferry over to Ardgour and Ardnamurchan to explore, crossing is free with a blue badge.

Google maps link to Corran Ferry >

Fort William

If you go as far as Fort William there’s a lovely accessible walk alongside the River Nevis from the Ben Nevis visitor centre. From the car park just cross the bridge and follow the river.

Google maps link to Visitor Centre car park >

Fort William Nevis Range

You can take the Gondola to the top of Aonach Mor and enjoy the views from the restaurant at the top of the mountain. They have a huge outside decking area if you prefer to be outside. Gondola is stopped to allow wheelchair users on and off. Disabled parking is free and if you purchase your gondola tickets on the day rather than online, wheelchair user receive a 25% discount and carer goes free. (Information correct at July 2022 - check the Nevis Range website here).

Google maps link to Nevis Range car park >