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Report a pothole

Report potholes and other road related issues here

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Use the form below or simply email details about any potholes you notice in and around Appin to Your report will be passed to the appropriate Community Council member for a response.

Immediate road safety issues should of course continue to be reported to Police Scotland on 101 (non-emergencies) or 999 (emergencies where there is a risk of personal injury or loss of life): see

Please describe the problem

Please give a detailed description of the location affected

Let us know if you have pictures of the problem and we'll get back in touch with you to access them.

Please also enter your name and contact (email address and optionally your phone number) so that we can reach you with a reply.

Privacy notice. This form, including your details, won't be published or passed to anyone other than our webmaster and the Community Council - see our Privacy policy. The form is passed on by email - emails are intrinsically insecure, so don't include any confidential information on the form.

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