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Appin Community Development Trust

Working for the whole community

Development Trust Projects

Our mission is to help Appin be a vibrant, sustainable, resilient and inclusive community for all who live and work here.  We do this through local consultation and group working to identify needs and opportunities, leading to the development of services and facilities as required by local people. For example, this website has been created as a community-wide resource for residents and visitors to the area.

Given its remote location, Appin suffers a lack of services and infrastructure when compared to more urban environments. Our earliest projects have been aimed at providing essential services enabling people to continue to live in their own homes and community, such as providing a community transport scheme for those who are no longer able to drive themselves.

We are also developing projects to encourage and support younger working families to come and make Appin their home, providing new facilities and infrastructure for sports and recreational activities.

Community Transport

With no public transport services available, residents of Appin who do not have their own transport can struggle to get around.  This affects many elderly people, especially those with mobility problems, who can experience real difficulties in travelling to meet their day to day needs.  

In 2017 Appin Community Development Trust embarked on a major fundraising campaign and by Spring 2018 had raised sufficient funds to purchase a new, wheelchair accessible vehicle.  We have recruited a group of local volunteer drivers who, with the help of a part-time co-ordinator, now offer transport for shopping, appointments and social events across the Appin area and to local centres such as Oban, Ballachulish and Fort William.

Appin Community Transport vehicle
Appin Community Transport vehicle

This website is a community-wide resource delivered by the Appin Community Development Trust. It provides an insight into Appin organisations and their activities. It also enables the sharing of news and events throughout the community and across the wider world: see the News & Events page>.

Appin Community Development Trust projects

The website features details and updates on current projects and lets you know how to support the work of the Trust by becoming a member, by volunteering or by making a donation. Find out how to support the Trust here>.

Local organisations and business directory

The website serves the Appin community as an online hub for information about local organisations and businesses. It also provides visitors to the area with information about where to stay, where to eat and what to do. It's easy to get your organisation or business listed: see the Organisations and Business pages. website
Appin community playpark

Appin community playpark is a new project, recently developed on a site in the heart of Port Appin.  The project is being led by Appin Young Families Group under the umbrella of Appin Community Development Trust.

The playpark is designed for use by young children up to the age of 10 years and under the supervision of their parents or carers. The playpark will be open to all children, both residents of Appin and visitors, and includes equipment that is accessible to children with mobility difficulties.

Following many months of work by our team of volunteers the design work is complete, tenders have been received and fundraising is underway. Find out more on the Community Playpark page>

Port Appin Boathouse

Port Appin boathouse is a new project with Appin Community Development Trust working with the Appin Skiff Community Project to bring the old boathouse in Port Appin into community ownership as a permanent home for skiff group activities. These will include boat building and recreational rowing for fitness and fun for everyone in the community.

Read more about the project to acquire the Boathouse here>.

The Boathouse, Port Appin
The Boathouse, Port Appin