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Appin Community Development Trust

Working for the whole community

Support the Trust

You can help support the Development Trust in several ways: use ouronline shop below, become a member, volunteer to get involved in a project or make a donation - see the tabs below.  We greatly value all the help and support we receive.

Donate securely online at our Charities Aid Foundation giving page (opens in new tab).
More details on the Donating tab below.

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

Donate securely online at our Virgin Money giving page (opens in new tab).
More details on the Donating tab below.

Echoes of Appin

Echoes of Appin

A soundwalk through time in support of the Trust, narrated by Kelly Macdonald.
Details and buy online from Echoes of Appin websiter

Funding to sustain our work

Appin Community Development Trust pulls together a great range of volunteer skills and time commitments. However, funding is required to be able to deliver and sustain our work.  We greatly value all the financial help and support we receive, whether this be through regular monthly giving, one-off donations, legacies or project grants.

All financial support can be done safe in the knowledge that the Development Trust's clear and open governance procedures will ensure it is used for the wider benefit of the Appin Community and its people. Funds can be given to support a specific project, service or initiative, or as a general donation for the overall good work of the Development Trust in Appin.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer, Appin Community Development Trust can receive an extra 25 pence from HMRC for every pound you donate, at no extra cost to you. The Gift Aid is collected for us from HMRC by Charities Aid Foundation.

Charities Aid Foundation

Appin Community Development Trust is registered to receive donations through the Charities Aid Foundation so if you have a CAF account and would like to use this to make a donation please contact our Treasurer to obtain further details.

How to donate

Online donation

If you would like to support our work by making a single or regular monthly donation, please make an online donation via our Charities Aid Foundation donations page (opens in new tab) or using the Donate button above - this is a secure and easy way to donate.

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

Legacies & in memoriam gifts

We provide a channel for those who would like to give generously and leave a legacy for the benefit of Appin.  To leave a legacy, it must be included in a will along with any stated conditions. 

The Development Trust also provides a way for those who wish to make a gift or donation to the Community in memory of a loved one. 

Project grants

If your organisation would like to award a grant for a specific Appin Community Development Trust project, service or initiative, please get in touch to discuss your wishes.

Become a Member

Appin Community Development Trust is a membership organisation and we are keen to welcome new members to help guide, drive and participate in our work.  We believe that our membership structure enables the Trust to be both representative of, and accountable to, all sections of the Appin community.

We encourage all residents of Appin to take up the opportunity of membership and make their voices heard. There is no membership fee and members have no liability for meeting any debts or liabilities of the Trust. For more details read our Joining Notes here and see the Trust's Constitution here.

Joining is quick and easy: apply online or download and complete a membership form (PDF). Feel free to contact us if you would like more details on membership.

The Trust has three types of membership:

  1. Full Member – to qualify you must be normally resident in Appin and over 16 years of age.  Full members have the right to attend member meetings and have important powers under our Constitution including the appointment of Board members and taking decisions on any proposed changes to the Constitution.
  2. Corporate Member – membership is open to any organisation incorporated in Appin, with the right to a single vote.
  3. Associate Member – open to anyone over 16 years of age with an interest in Appin and who wishes to support our work.  Associate members have the right to attend member meetings and, if invited by the Board, may sit on any development group, but do not have any voting rights.

Why volunteer?

Appin Community Development Trust is governed and administered by a voluntary Board of Trustees and the Trust’s projects and activities are delivered mainly by volunteers from the local community.  These volunteer contributions are greatly valued - without them it would not be possible for the Trust to achieve its purpose of helping improve health, wellbeing and quality of life across the community.

Rewarding & challenging

Volunteer with Appin Community Development Trust
Become a volunteer

Becoming a volunteer can be a very fulfilling role.  You will have the opportunity to use your knowledge, skills and experience for the benefit of everyone in the community.  The results are hugely rewarding – there’s nothing quite so good as seeing new facilities created as a result of your work, or people within the community having opportunities to enjoy doing things that they would otherwise have missed.

How you can help

If you have a few hours to spare each month, please do consider volunteering with the Trust.  Our needs are many and varied, including roles associated with:

  • supporting local projects and events for the community
  • driving for the community transport scheme
  • communications and publicity
  • local fundraising to support the Trust’s work
  • enhancing your community surroundings

To discuss becoming a volunteer, use the form below, contact us or come along to an AGM or project meeting - see the Trust Events page.

Your name and contact are needed so we can reach you with a reply. These won't be published or shared with anyone else: full details in our Privacy policy>

Privacy notice. This form, including your details, won't be published or passed to anyone other than our webmaster and the Trust- see our Privacy policy. The form is passed on by email - emails are intrinsically insecure, so don't include any confidential information on the form.

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