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Providing help during the on-going COVID 19 crisis

Providing help during the on-going COVID 19 crisis

Hardship funds for those with genuine financial need

First published 
May 1, 2020
First published 
May 4, 2020

Providing help during the on-going COVID 19 crisis:

  • Food essentials and shopping collection and delivery
  • School meals deliveries
  • Prescription collections
  • Social contact and well-being support
  • Support and advice on the government food-parcel scheme
  • NEW – local hardship funds to help genuine financial need

If you need help during these challenging times, please contact our Appin Aid coordinator.   (See below for details)

Hardship funds for those with genuine financial need

Appin Aid now has a special fund which means we may be able to give help ifyou can demonstrate a genuine financial need for absolute essentials,as a result of COVID 19 restrictions. (See below for details)

Appin Community Trust also has a fund specifically for essential food supplies from the Community Shop. (See over for details)

How is Appin Aid working?

It is working well. Appin Aid was set up on March 18 that a meeting of representatives from Appin’s Development Trust,Community Trust and Community Council. It is administered by the Development Trust and was quickly established using existing policies and procedures from the Community Transport Scheme. It brings together people in Appin who need essential support and willing volunteers. This is to complement any usual family, neighbour and carer support during these challenging times. Over 50 people have registered for support from a pool of over 50 volunteers.

The need for Appin Aid will go on for a long time yet, so it needs robust funding. Funds have been used so far for volunteers’ PPE, essential volunteer expenses (this enables people to give time if their own finances are tight), local childrens’ competition prizes and administration costs. Initial donations were given by the Community Trust and the Community Council, but most of the funding has been donated by generous Appin people.

Thank You

Hardship Support Schemes

For some people, the COVID 19 crisis may lead to a serious loss of income and severe financial hardship to themselves and their families. In Appin, two special funds have been set aside to meet some specific essential needs that may arise.

Appin Aid

Appin Aid may be able to give help if you are a resident and can demonstrate a genuine financial need for a range of absolute essentials as a result of COVID 19 or the lockdown circumstances. Applicant personal details will be held in strictest confidence,known only to the coordinator. Assistance will be provided discreetly. For details or to apply, contact the Coordinator, Clare Hunt, tel. 730416, or email:

Appin Community Trust

Appin Community Trust also has a COVID 19 relief scheme. If as a result of the pandemic, your circumstances have clearly led to a serious loss of income, the Trust may be able to help by providing essential food supplies from the Appin Community Coop. In this event please contact either John Landale (tel. 730585), Jessie MacKenzie (tel. 730289) or Iain McNicol (tel. 730433) for more details.

Government Food Parcel Scheme

The NHS has identified some of the most vulnerable members of the community who may receive a letter detailing how you can get access to food parcels and medication, as well as participate in an SMS shielding scheme. Applying may be a little daunting for some, but please contact Clare Hunt, who is on hand to help make sure you can fully access this support.

Social Wellbeing Support

Mental health and social wellbeing may be a concern for some people,especially now that the guidelines are suggesting social distancing will continue for longer. Appin Aid is here to make sure no one feels totally alone. Volunteers are more than happy to contact you for a catch up and a blether to check you are ok and coping well. If you feel you would benefit from this, please contact us and we can arrange it for you.

Contact Information

Appin Aid is here as a backstop, providing support for all in our community by helping those alone and complementing family, friends, neighbours and carers. If you need to contact us please do so.

To register with Appin Aid either for support or to volunteer your time,or other queries please contact Clare, tel: 730416

For general matters relating to the Development Trust please see our website or contact Bob Cornish tel: 730579.