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Port Appin Surgery Emergency Measures - COVID19

Port Appin Surgery Emergency Measures - COVID19


First published 
Mar 18, 2020
First published 
Mar 23, 2020

Port Appin Surgery Emergency Measures -COVID19

During these difficult times we have to drastically change the way we offer our services to the community. Our priorities are:

  • to reduce footfall in the surgery to minimise the risk of spreading the virus and to protect staff.
  • Offer best advice on how to manage if you become ill
  • Continue to provide care for non-COVID19 related conditions as best we can

To achieve this the following practices have been put in place

  • If you are not ill, or only have very mild symptoms, please do not contact us for advice. All you need to know is available on the NHSInform website.  See
  • If you have respiratory symptoms suggestive of infection please DO NOT attend the surgery. Phone us (or 111 when the surgery is closed). There is no testing available in the surgery and assessment of those who are ill must be carefully managed. This may involve being visited at home by a specialist team or attending the surgery to be assessed in your car, or in our isolation room.
  • All consultations will be by phone in the first instance - if you wish an appointment, call as early as you can in the day and the GP will call you back. Perhaps your problem can be dealt with over the phone, if not a video call or face to face appointment will be arranged. If you are asked to come to the surgery please do not bring anyone else in with you, do not arrive early, and wash your hands when you arrive.
  • Repeat medication can be requested in the normal ways. When you come to collect your medication please stand well back from the window and wait to be attended to. Do not touch any surfaces and leave promptly once given your medication. The need to sign has been suspended.
  • Lismore - visits by the GPs have been suspended this week but will resume whenever we are able. Phone appointments are available as normal, and we hope to make use of video consultations. A scheme is being set up to deliver medication to the island without the need for the GP to be present, each patient will need to consent to use this service, and they always have the option of collecting from Port Appin if they prefer.
  • We have been asked to facilitate care of those who become ill by making sure we have up to date information on our systems, which can be shared with the out of hours and hospital services. Information like past medical history and current medication is already shared but to this we can add Next of Kin, Power of Attorney details if appropriate, along with details of key holders or anyone available to assist or care for those living alone. There are also questions around how much intervention is appropriate should someone become seriously ill. This is an unprecedented situation and sadly it is possible that the NHS will not be able to provide hospital or intensive care facilities for everyone. Please consider having discussions about these difficult issues with those close to you. We will be phoning people to gather this information so it would be helpful to have thought about the details you wish to be recorded in advance.

18th March 2020