Fibre installation update Sept 18

Fibre installation update Sept 18

Where do I stand if I want faster broadband?

First published 
Mar 22, 2019
First published 
Nov 21, 2019

Progress on the installation of fibre-based broadband in Appin has continued, though rather slower than originally promised by BT and Openreach.

In 12 of Appin’s 18 postcodes all properties are or can be linked to an Openreach fibre cabinet, and there are some reports of improved internet speeds. In 5 postcodes no properties can be linked to the Openreach fibre-based service. In postcode PA38 4DQ from Port Appin up to Druimneil, properties are or can be linked to a fibre-based cabinet, but not from there onwards. In addition, some subscribers in these connected postcodes have signed for an upgraded superfast fibre service.

The Appin areas where there is still no fibre-based broadband, and in some cases no service at all, are postcodes PA38: 4BA, 4BN, 4BJ, 4BQ and 4DD. These 165 properties are part of the total 280,000+ properties in Scotland which are without access to fibre-based broadband. There are currently no plans, except the SNP government has promised 100% of properties will have access by the end of 2021.

In the meantime, for these properties to achieve faster internet access there are now two proven solutions available, though more expensive than the basic service delivered over the Openreach network.

1. Satellite – a considerable number of residents have been using this service successfully for several years. There are reports that the service has improved marginally over recent months.

2. 4G – This has recently been made available. A few residents have trialled a home 4G data service over the last 12 months or so, with great success. Internet speeds are reported to be 30 to 60 Megabits per second - much faster than satellite, and the cost is marginally better than satellite. To achieve the best possible service your property should have line-of-sight to one of the two 4G mobile phone mast installations, either at Creagan or Strath of Appin. This is good news for many of the 106 properties in PA38 postcodes 4BA, 4BJ and 4BQ. See your mobile phone provider’s website for details.

Update by Bob Cornish
September 2018