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Dr Lorna Macgregor asks "How are you all coping with the lockdown"?

Dr Lorna Macgregor asks "How are you all coping with the lockdown"?

An update from Dr Lorna Macgregor

First published 
Mar 27, 2020
First published 
Mar 27, 2020

Dr Lorna Macgregor

Port Appin Surgery, Argyll, PA38 4DE

Tel:01631 730271

How are you all coping with the lockdown?

I hear you are doing well and there is lots of community support going on.

As you know we are hardly seeing anybody in the surgery just now as it is important that everyone keeps as isolated from each other as possible. It might be tempting to think after a week or more of no confirmed local cases you are ok and start to relax your precautions. Please don’t be tempted. Isolation is the only way to stop this virus so please continue to be vigilant about this.

Despite not seeing you on the premises we are not being idle here in the surgery. We have supported the community in setting up a medication delivery service and are working hard to make this as efficient as possible.

We have been reviewing the records of our older and more vulnerable residents and making sure we have up to date information about their situation, particularly with regard to next of kin or carer details and whether they have ideas about where they would prefer to be cared for if they become unwell. I’m trying to phone people about this –sorry if I haven’t reached you yet.

We are also enabling a system where a summary of your medical record along with your next of kin details etc can be shared with the Out of Hours and hospital services. If you DO NOT want this information shared please let us know, otherwise we have been authorised in this crisis to assume consent for this. If you have relevant information you would like us to add to your record please e mail this if possible to,or phone reception.

We have also set up NearMe, where you will be able to link with us via a video call using any computer or smartphone. Capacity in the system has struggled but I am assured this will be sufficient to cope now.The address for the link is

This takes you to a virtual Waiting Room and I can see you are there at my end and accept your call. Please phone first and we can give you a time to link in when we will be ready. Just like an appointment.

There is lots of doom and gloom around and I fear it is the case that some of our folk may not survive this infection if they get it. We need to be prepared for this, and everyone should consider having appropriate conversations with those close to them. But most of us will come through. Although the risks for older folk are greater, getting Covid19 is by no means a death sentence, and I believe the folk here are a particularly resilient bunch.

If anyone does end up seriously ill however we will not abandon you. Appropriate assessments can be made via the video link system, and then discussions held with our hospital colleagues about the best course of action. With appropriate precautions we can visit you if necessary and if it is deemed best for someone to be cared for at home this will be done with support from our Community Nurse team.

Please let me know if there is any more we can do to help.

Keep safe and look after each other

Best wishes