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Coronavirus - our community response

Coronavirus - our community response

Appin Community Council outlines assistance available in the community

First published 
Mar 19, 2020
First published 
May 4, 2020

From Appin Community Council


Following Government advice about how we should all respond to the threat of the Coronavirus, there is clearly a lot of concern about how we are to manage locally if individuals and families are forced to self-isolate.  Last night (18 March 2020) representatives of Appin Community Council, Appin Community Development Trust, Appin Community Trust and the shop met to plan how best to deliver help to those who need it.  

Already there have been numerous offers of assistance.  A leaflet with details will be put through your door in the next few days.  A new Facebook group called Appin Aid has been set up and will be the main social media presence.  When necessary there will also be posts on the website and Whats Appin-ing Facebook page.

Clare Hunt , who has been running the community vehicle, has agreed to co-ordinate our community response.  Please get in touch with her if you are in need of help now or in the future.  Likewise, please let her know if you would like to volunteer help.  Her telephone number is 01631 730416 and her email address is

Yours sincerely,

Charles Steuart Fothringham

Appin Community Council