Community Transport March update

Community Transport March update

Passenger journeys to medical appointments are available in addition to regular local journeys.

First published 
Mar 6, 2019
First published 
Nov 21, 2019

Following a strong start in 2018, Appin Community Transport Scheme began 2019 with more registered Passengers and new Driver recruits. Our journeys also resumed throughout January and February and we already have some bookings for the weeks ahead.

As well as our usual journeys on a Tuesday and Thursday, we can now take passengers to Medical Appointments on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

On Monday 21st January, our Volunteer Drivers had a day of certified First Aid Training. We also have more training planned for drivers in the months ahead.

If you have some free time, a full driving licence, are age 25 - 70 and would like to become a Volunteer Driver for the Transport Scheme, please call Mairi on 01631 730348 Tuesday to Thursday from 9.00am to 11.00am or email: transport@appin.scot.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Mairi Keenan, Appin Community Transport Co-ordinator